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Progress Tracking and Comprehensive Learning Management


Virtual Smart Books

The Multimedia, Multi-Platform Portal to Integrated Learning


A Light yet Powerful E-Learning Platform for Mobile and Desktop

  • Courses are downloadable
  • Runs courses even without an internet connection after the initial download
  • Plays video courses and loads interactive exercises and exams
  • Tracks your progress and keeps a record of your exam scores
  • Supports text, photos, videos, and animations
  • Has tools for optimized memory usage

The Future of Online Education and Learning Management

  • All the features of a desktop-based Learning Management System
  • Sync mobile account with online account to credit incremental progress
  • Fully utilizes multi-touch technology
  • User interface engineered to be intuitive and engaging

An Empowered and Elevated Medium for Aspirations

  • An additional means for students to arm themselves with the necessary skills and competencies in preparation for the bigger world outside school
  • A facilitator for the youth in the process of shaping their future and determining the individuals they want to become
  • A tool for passionate educators in search of innovative ways to relay lessons and deliver information to the tech-savvy generation of learners
  • A platform for publishers of educational books and reading materials to keep up with the times and bring their content to a wider and more diverse audience
  • A technological response to the advocacy of NGOs and other concerned institutions of molding fulfilled and productive citizens and pushing a nation forward

Eric's High School Experience

World-Class Academic Content for Everyone, Everywhere

VSB Poster

World-Class Academic Content

  • Based on an international curriculum for 11th and 12th graders
  • Comprehensively covers the varied disciplines of Languages, Sociology, Sciences, Mathematics, the Arts, and Physical Education
  • Developed by subject matter experts and seasoned educators
  • Reviewed and vetted by reputable scholastic institutions

Informative and Engaging Lectures

  • Lessons are delivered through animations with high-quality graphics and supplemental pre-recorded narrations
  • Library of videos can be accessed anytime for reinforced discovery and retention
  • Available material from the basic concepts to the advanced topics

Immersive Laboratory Exercises

  • Practical applications of lecture topics are explored in detail
  • All the excitement and the challenges of hands-on classroom exercises, captured in virtual space
  • Developed with the visual quality and level of interactivity of the world’s most successful digital games
  • Accurate, detailed and realistic tools, procedures and results

Built-in Tools for Assessment

  • Tracks your progress in each course
  • Saves and retrieves your place in every ongoing lesson
  • Evaluates your skills and grasp of the topics through exams and hands-on tests
  • Keeps a record of your exam scores
  • Documents your overall academic performance and gives insight into your strengths and areas for improvement

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